Entrepreneur, Strategy, Product Designer
Ola Bayoji
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Here's a photo dump showing the real face to the name.... and a newly shining shaved head so don't be alarmed when we meet in person 🙃  #baldyalert

Without being on my high horse, I count myself lucky taking on a number of different roles; from being a founder of value-driven ventures, creator of cool things using design to playing key contributing roles in organisations and/or projects that betters people's lives.

I'm a sucker for iconic watch brands / time-pieces.

A reserved petrol head.

Deep researcher into things that spark my interest.

Outside of conquering the world with my various roles, I'm actually an introvert that likes to spend my time doing random things that make me happy. I'm also passionate about lifestyle, art and wildlife as it's an incredible medium that can inspire, convey emotions and connect people to a certain mindscape. Other than that, I'm currently taking on freelance projects that are both interesting and challenging. So hit me up 🤙🏾 if you want to chat about a project or just say hi.

Originally from Ibadan, NIG.

Currently in London, UK

At Home Everywhere

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