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Hello and Welcome, I'm

Ola Bayoji

I bring brilliant ideas and frameworks to life using professional and design expertise.

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Strategy Professional

10 Years

Creative Designer

5 Years

Without being on my high horse, I count myself lucky taking on a number of different roles. From founding value-driven ventures, creator of cool designs to playing key contributing roles in organisations and/or projects that betters people's lives. Outside of that, I am just a human trying to do the Lord's work (whatever that is 🤷🏾‍♂️).

What I’m working on..

I've had a great deal of dib and dabbling in creating businesses and partnering with talented people to birth some cool ideas 👨🏾‍🍼. Feel free to explore some of my ventures and partnerships 🔌.

🌍 Socially-focused Ventures
💻 Design Agency
🖼 Quirky Artwork
🎲 Remodelled Classic Games... +

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See anything of interest?
Let's discuss it or just Say Hi! 😃
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